EN-ES Interpreting

I accompany my customers whenever they need oral translation services in any context when they are unable to communicate with their conversational partners because of the language barrier.

Interpreting Services

English – Spanish

Certified or official interpretation

Procedures with the Civil Registry, Courts or Notaries Public for marriage, common-law partnerships, etc.

Training and education

Training courses for businesses or private individuals where the instructor or the students do not speak Spanish

Interpreting in general helps people who don’t speak the same language to understand each other through an intermediary (interpreter) who speaks both languages. A simple example of this would be a business meeting between people from two different countries who do not speak the same language and who need to reach an agreement.

Certified interpreting would be necessary in specific contexts such as in trials, when making police statements or any other similar official situation. This type of interpreting is characterised by an impartial interpreter making an accurate oral translation of the content and taking responsibility for such.

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