EN-ES Certified translations

I have been appointed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for certified translation (official or sworn translation) of any kind of document, from or into English.

Sworn translation services

Birth certificates, wedding certificates, criminal record certificates, etc.

Powers of attorney and notarial deeds, wills, contracts and similar documents.

Academic transcripts, qualifications and other certificates and academic documents.

Just to set things straight, a certified translation is the translation of any document by a translator who has been certified or appointed by an official body. In my case, that is the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs Certified translations guarantee that the translated content is a true and accurate translation of the original text. For this reason, all certified translations bear the translator’s signature and stamp.

Certified, sworn or official translations are compulsory in several very important procedures, such as:
– Reunification of family members through the Department of Immigration.
– Marriage procedures abroad, or if a foreigner wants to marry in Spain.
– Accreditation of equivalence of foreign academic qualifications in Spain.

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